To function as a clinical group on behalf of D&WF CHP to achieve the best possible outcomse in the care and prevention of coronary heart disease for the population of Dunfermline & West Fife.



  1. To engage, involve and represent General Practices and CHP community services to enable them to deliver high quality care and prevention in coronary heart disease.
  2. To join up strategic and operational goals for Dunfermline & West Fife with NHS Fife Operational Division by involving local Operational Division Clinicians.
  3. To involve public and patients in all aspects of CHD services.
  4. To represent D&WF CHP on Fife Wide groups.
  5. To represent D&WF CHP on the CHD MCN and to utilise the MCN in achieving the strategy for Dunfermline & West Fife.
  6. To engage with Long Term Conditions initiative with regard to coronary heart disease on behalf of the CHP.
  7. To develop and implement a strategy for coronary heart disease in Dunfermline & West Fife.
  8. To support the development and running of all operational services for CHD across D&WF CHP, both in Primary Care and Hospital settings.
  9. To identify gaps in service and to achieve the provision of resources to meet those gaps.
  10. To integrate with other D&WF CHP initiatives and strategies where applicable.
  11. To engage with appropriate Health Improvement activities to achieve the best possible outcomes in the prevention of CHD.
  12. To identify and provide necessary education and training for all Clinicians, Patients and Public.



The group will be accountable to the CHP through the Clinical Director.


Proposed membership

Two General Practitioners West Fife Locality
Two General Practitioners Dunfermline Locality
Two Practice Nurses one from each Locality
One or Two Health Visitors
One Physiotherapist (Cardio-Rehabilitation)
Two Specialist CHD Nurses one from each Locality
CHP Clinical Director when appropriate
One CHP Manager
Admin/Secretarial Support
One Consultant Cardiologist
Two other Operational Division Clinicians (Nurse Specialist and technician)
One representative of Public Health
Two Public & Patient Representatives



The members of the group shall have a representative function they will be expected to represent the view of their particular profession or discipline from within their different employing organisations. In addition, they shall be responsible for seeking views where necessary and communicating information at all times.

As well as the core membership outlined above the group may involve other members for particular meetings and activities in the case of CHD it is suggested that appropriate Social Services Representatives, Voluntary Agencies, Diagnostic Staff, Practice Managers, Pharmacist and Health Promotion/Health Improvement Team members will at all times be involved with the group.

This Clinical Group is undertaking Dunfermline & West Fife CHP work and will normally meet within working hours. Locum Fees and appropriate expenses will be paid for those working independent organisations which would otherwise suffer operationally.
It is expected that the group itself would decide the Chairperson/Lead.

Frequency of meetings would depend on the group and its workload, the likely frequency is perhaps once every two months.


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