A well-planned consultation will enable you to get a better service.  If you have a number of problems, tell the clinician at the start of the consultation what they are.  Also, consider prioritising your problems, the clinician may not be able to thoroughly manage all your problems in one consultation.


Thinking through answers to some of the following questions may help you prepare for your consultation and assist your GP to reach a more accurate diagnosis.


  • When did the problem begin? – Think of a date if possible.


  • What are the main symptoms?


  • Is there a pattern to them?


  • Have the symptoms worsened, stayed the same or do they fluctuate up and down?


  • How has it affected the way you live?
  • Has it changed your sleep pattern?
  • Have you needed to stay off work or cancel appointments?
  • Has your appetite altered?
  • Has your mood changed (e.g. depression, tension, lethargy, panic attacks)?


  • What makes your symptoms worse and what makes them better?


  • Could any changes in lifestyle have contributed to your illness?


  • If the main symptom is pain can you grade the pain on a scale of 1 – 10 (1 being mild, 10 being unbearable)?


  • Have you had this problem before and if so, when?


  • Have you taken medicines for these symptoms either in the past or present?


  • If you are or have recently been taking any medications that were not prescribed by your own doctor please bring them with you.


Note - Please remember to bring your glasses and / or hearing aid when you attend for your consultation.


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