• Confidentiality

The Practice team is bound by a strict code of confidentiality and will not divulge patient personal data to unauthorised persons.


  • Data protection

The Practice is registered under the Data Protection Act.  Details of your medical history, personal life and treatment are recorded in your medical records and / or on computer as part of routine care.  Recorded information will be used on a “need to know” basis only to allow us to deliver continuity of care.


  • Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002

The Practice has prepared a publication scheme setting out the information it routinely makes available to the public.  Further information is available from the Practice Manager.


  • Access to medical records

Patients can request access to their medical records by writing to the Practice Manager.  There is a charge for photocopies or computer printouts of your medical record.


  • Disclosure of patient records

There may be circumstances in which your personal medical record or part of it may be disclosed to improve, manage or promote the provision of healthcare.  Disclosure of patient information is conducted within the requirements of the Data Protection Act.  Further information on the exact nature of any disclosure in respect of your medical records can be obtained from the Practice Manager.


  • Audits

The Practice uses patient health information to review and improve the quality of healthcare provided.  This process is known as auditing.  Patient identifiable information is only used within the Practice.  In some cases, anonymised patient information can also be used to develop future services.  Patients have the right to request that their health information is not included in audits, if they so wish, by writing to the Practice Manager.


  • Medical Students

The Practice is involved in teaching undergraduate medical students.  Patients will be informed when a student is going to be present at consultations.  If you prefer not to have a student present at your consultation please let Reception know.  Declining to see a medical student will not affect any aspect of your care as a patient.


  • Practice Safety and Security

For health and safety reasons it is important that we know who is in the Medical Centre at any time.  Please report to Reception if you have not used the self check-in system.


  •  Zero Tolerance

 The Practice supports NHS Fife zero tolerance policy.


Unreasonable or inappropriate behaviour such as violence,   threatening behaviour or abuse towards our staff on the practice premises or on the telephone will not be tolerated.


The Practice may contact the police and/or request the immediate removal of patient(s) from the Practice list for unacceptable behaviour


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