fetal medicine staff


  * Fetal Medicine is located in the Maternity Outpatient Department, ground floor, Phase 3 of the Victoria Hospital in Kirkcaldy.

* Most pregnancies are uncomplicated, but some may require additional care for either the mother or the unborn baby from a Specialist Fetal Medicine team.

* Patients are referred to the Fetal Medicine team by midwives, obstetricians, GPs. Patients can also self-refer if previously know to the team.


The team consists of:-

Consultants:     Dr Graham Tydeman and Dr Helen Russell

Specialist Fetal Medicine Midwives:  Sharon Brown and Isobel Clegg

Supported by sonographers and administration staff


Service includes:-

* Follow-up of increased chance results from Down’s Syndrome screening

* Discussions when amniocentesis/CVS might be considered

* Discussions /options when an abnormality is identified on scan

* Counselling before pregnancy to discuss options and develop a care plan

* Care of women who have had a previous poor pregnancy outcome or previous diagnosis of an abnormality

* Monitoring patients with red cell antibodies, rhesus disease


At times we may need to refer women to other larger fetal medicine centres in Scotland and occasional England


What happens at an appointment?

A typical appointment involves time to discuss the reason for review, an ultrasound scan followed by further discussion on pregnancy choices, clinic, care plan and any further appointments


Contact information:

If there is a complication, such as a problem with a baby’s development, a personal letter is offered to the women along with contact details of the team including email and mobile to be in touch and receive support.


Useful resources:

Down’s Syndrome Association

Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Scotland

Talipes-NHS Fife Baby Foot Clinic

Cleft lip and Palate team, East of Scotland

Twins and Multiple Births Association (Tamba)

Antenatal Result & Choices (ARC)




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