Fife care homes, in general provide excellent care. However the promotion and maintenance of good oral health is an increasing challenge for care home staff particularly as an increasing proportion of older people still have their teeth. These teeth need cared for. Caring for the mouth also improves the overall health of a resident.




  • To ensure staff are trained to care for resident’s mouths (see resources - training objectives)
    Care homes have told us they want more training, they want to feel comfortable brushing people’s teeth and dentures, and they want to know a little more about what’s happening in the mouth and how to reduce dental decay

  • To ensure that an oral assessment is completed within 1 week of admission and every 12 months thereafter (see resources - Award requirements)
    Care home staff need to check a resident’s mouth regularly, to ensure everything’s healthy. As we know many resident’s will not be able to communicate if anything is wrong.

  • To ensure that appropriate fluoride toothpaste is used on a regular basis
    (see resources - toothpaste and toothbrush information)
    It’s important to use fluoride toothpaste for people’s teeth but the evidence tells us when people are at high risk of dental decay (such as the elderly) to use a higher strength fluoride toothpaste

  • To ensure that a dental referral is completed for each resident
    (see resources - Dentist referral information)
    Why? Because it’s important that everybody within the care home, teeth or no teeth get seen by the dental team. In Fife, everyone can get seen (but not always registered) by the dental team

  • To ensure that our care home clients in Fife have residents with healthy mouths and dentures (see resources - healthy mouth information)
    Because we care - we visit any care home working towards an award and check in the resident’s mouths - then we will work with the care home staff to help them do the best for their residents

  • To ensure that any resident at extra risk of dental decay receives extra dental prevention
    To reduce the risk of dental decay, any person on a high sugar, or processed food diet will also receive Fluoride varnish every 6 months

  • To ensure that family members receive an information leaflet regarding oral health (see resources - information booklet)
    To help families support good oral health for their relatives

  • To ensure that an oral health plan is developed in partnership between the dental team and the care home (see resources - Oral Care Plan)
    To help the whole team care for a resident in the most appropriate way.

  • To ensure that each care home has a nominated lead person for oral health
    (see resources - Lead person information).
    To ensure that oral health is a joint responsibility between the care home and the dental team

  • To ensure all residents have denture boxes in their rooms/bathrooms
    (see resources - denture box information)
    To reduce the chance of denture loss

  • To ensure all residents have dentures that are named (see resources - named denture information)
    To reduce the chance of denture loss

  • To ensure each care home has an oral health policy (see resources - Oral Health Policy)
    To ensure oral health is considered as part of the care home's policies


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