Ethics Committee Meetings


This shall be a Committee appointed by and accountable to Fife and Forth Valley NHS Boards. The Committee's Objectives shall be: on behalf of Fife and Forth Valley NHS Boards,

  • to protect research subjects and to have a concern for their health and well-being; and
  • to maintain high standards of ethical practice in research while ensuring that valid medical research is facilitated.



The Local Research Ethics Committee is accountable for meeting its objectives, to Fife and Forth Valley NHS Boards.



The Local Research Ethics Committee shall consist of 18 members, two of whom must be a public health representative from each Board. This should allow for a sufficiently broad range of experience and expertise, so that the scientific and medical aspects of a research proposal can be reconciled with the welfare of research subjects, and broader ethical implications. The Committee should be drawn from both sexes from the following groups: hospital medical and appropriate scientific staff;

  • nursing staff;
  • general practitioners;
  • lay persons.

Although drawn from groups identified with particular interests or responsibilities in connection with health issues, Ethics Committee members do not represent those groups. They are appointed in their own right, to participate in the work of the Committee as individuals of sound judgement and relevant experience. The health professionals should include those occupied chiefly in active clinical care as well as those experienced in clinical investigation and research. As well as consulting the relevant NHS bodies, in connection with health professional appointments, Health Boards may consult local professional advisory committees and relevant health professional associations.


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