Child Nasal Flu Vaccination

Child Nasal Flu Vaccination

There continues to be a UK-wide issue in the supply of the nasal flu vaccine for children aged 2-17.

Due to the limited availability of the nasal flu vaccine, NHS Fife is prioritising vaccination for younger children and young people with underlying health conditions, who are at greatest risk of the effects of the virus.

Earlier this week we informed all schools in Fife that the nasal flu vaccination programme would continue as planned for all children in Primary 1-3 and would be postponed for those in Primary 4-7, with mop up clinics offered to those children once the vaccine supply issue has been resolved.

A small improvement in the availability of the nasal flu vaccine has enabled us to now offer vaccination to all children in Fife in Primary 1–4.

This supply issue continues to affect only the nasal flu vaccine offered to children – the adult flu vaccination programme is unaffected and continues to operate as normal.


Below are some answers to frequently asked questions on the issues affecting the child nasal flu programme in Fife.

  1. My child isn’t in P1-P4 but has a health condition; getting flu could be very dangerous for them, where can I get them vaccinated?
  1. Your child may still be able to get vaccinated. Our nurses can advise and they can be contacted on phone: 01383 565456 or by email:


  1. I haven’t returned my child’s consent form, will they still get vaccinated?
  1. Your child can only be vaccinated if we have received a flu consent form where you have ticked ‘YES’ to your child having flu vaccine. Your child may not be able to get vaccinated at their school session as vaccine has been counted for all returned forms but we may be able to vaccinate your child towards the end of the programme. Contact the Immunisation Team to discuss further.


  1. My child is in P6 and gets the injectable vaccine, will they still be vaccinated?
  1. Yes, there is no problem with the supply of this vaccine.


  1. My child is in P5 when will I know if they can be vaccinated?
  1. As soon as we have more information we will notify schools of any mop-up sessions; please keep checking NHS Fife’s social media sites for updates.


  1. I’ve heard that other Health Boards are vaccinating all children, why isn’t Fife?
  1. Fife has decided rather than cancel any schools to keep vaccinating and provide some vaccine in all schools.


  1. Why can’t Fife just vaccinate everyone in schools and go back to cancelled schools when the vaccine is available?
  1. Prioritising these groups prevents us having to completely postpone vaccination across entire schools. By vaccinating those most likely to spread the virus, then we help create what is called ‘herd immunity’ and that means that every school in Fife will have some protection against the flu virus.


  1. I’ve been trying to book my 3 year old into the GP for flu vaccine but they’ve said they won’t have vaccine until December.
  1. This has now changed and GPs will have more vaccine in the coming two-three weeks; you should contact your practice again to check when you can have your child vaccinated.



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