Alert Card

Alert Card


The Alert Card has been designed for mental health service users who may at times find themselves in crisis. It is portable, credit card shaped and records contact details of people known to the individual who can offer support should an emergency situation occur.
Senior Nurse for the Community Mental Health Service, Allison Duthie, said: “The Alert Card is a simple tool that can offer invaluable support to those in need. 
“Having contact details of professionals and supporters such as a Community Psychiatric Nurse, a carer, friend or member of their family at hand can go a long way to reassure individuals knowing that someone who understands their situation is only a phone call away.
“We are working with other organisations the individual could come in to contact with during a crisis such as the police and ambulance service to ensure they are aware of the card and know how to respond.” 
You can pick up an Alert Card from a number of mental health services across Fife or contact 01334 636081.


For more information contact

Bob Mclean, General Manager - Mental Health Directorate 
Tel: 01334 696391 Fax: 01334 656560 Contact Bob Mclean online


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