Smoke Free Homes

Smoke Free Homes

Protect your family, friends and pets against the impact of second hand smoke and make a pledge to join our smoke free community today (click here to fill in our online registration form)


Making a smoke free pledge

By making a Gold Pledge, you are agreeing to keep your home completely smoke free. 


Why is the Smoke Free Homes Campaign important?

Currently 69 % of children in Fife live in a home where at least one parent smokes. Second hand smoke causes illness such as asthma, heart disease and cancers. Children are at greater risk of illness because they breathe faster and deeper than adults. Home owners are often not aware that 80 % of smoke is invisible and that toxic substances can stay in the home for months after the cigarette has been smoked.


What are the benefits of a smoke free home?

  • Your family will be healthier – less risk of cot death, chest infections, asthma, inner ear infections, and irritable eyes conditions
  • Pets are likely to live longer and are at a reduced risk of skin infections
  • Your children are less likely to take up smoking if you don’t smoke in front of them
  • Your home is at less risk of fire
  • Your home will be cleaner and smell fresher


What can I do if other people want to smoke in my house?

Explain to them why you feel it is important and agree a place that they can go to have a cigarette.

Perhaps you are thinking about giving up and are looking for advice and support. There is lots of support available, just call 0800848484 for more information.

For Fire Safety advice and a free Home Fire Safety visit contact the Scottish Fire Service via their website at, or by phone on 0800 0731 999 or texting 61611


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For more information contact

Smoke Free Homes, Smoke Free Homes 
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