Occupational therapy practice in the field  of mental health is based on an understanding of the relationships between occupation, health and wellbeing and a belief in the potential of people with mental health problems to learn and grow.  Health and wellbeing are supported by engagement in a balanced range of occupations that are chosen and valued by the individual.  Conversely, having too few occupations or limited choices can lead to poor mental health.  When a person is unable to engage in occupation, whether due to personal, social or environmental factors, the Occupational Therapist works with her or him to develop skills, challenge inequalities and promote social inclusion. 


For more information, contact:

Norma Clark, AHP Clinical Services Manager (Mental Health)
Telephone:  01334 696266
Email:  normaclark@nhs.net
Follow me on Twitter @normaAHPMH 


For more information contact

Norma Clark, Lead Occupational Therapist for Mental Health 
Tel: 01334 696228 Contact Norma Clark online
By Post: NHS Fife, Stratheden Hospital Stratheden Cupar Fife KY15 5RR


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