Drugs & Alcohol

Drugs & Alcohol

Where can I get support for a drug or alcohol problem in Fife?

There are number of things you can do:

You can speak to your GP who will speak to you and refer you to a specialist if appropriate, or you can access the local drop in clinic.

How to refer

You can access the local drop in clinic, who also offer additional support for drug and alcohol issues. Details of the drop in clinics are available here: Current Drop-In Clinics

These 3rd sector agencies can refer you for assessment with Addiction Services.  Addiction Services offer Fife wide service provision for individuals experiencing problems with drug and/or alcohol use.

Prenoxad/Naloxone provision is available here: Where to get Naloxone/Prenoxad

What Addiction Services can offer:

Addiction Services offer a wide range of services including :

  • Substitute opiate prescribing – such as methadone and suboxone and home alcohol detox programmes.
  • Psychosocial interventions to encourage behaviour change and abstinence from illicit substances.
  • Referrals to other appropriate agencies for support.
  • Blood Borne Virus testing.
  • Alcohol brief interventions within hospital sites.
  • Harm reduction advice.
  • Group-work programme.
  • SMART recovery.

Drug Service

Persons with an opiate issue will benefit from one to one support on a monthly basis from a registered Nurse, personalised plans for recovery and your care will be reviewed periodically by our Psychiatrists. Fife Addiction Services provide continued treatment for those entering and leaving the Scottish Prison Service. For patients who are opiate free, they may be assessed for Naltrexone therapy.

Alcohol Service

Those with alcohol issues will also benefit from one to one support from a registered Nurse. Assessment for community or in-patient alcohol detoxification for individuals seeking abstinence. Assessment of patients who are alcohol free wishing to be considered for therapies that assist abstinence.


Dependent on location – Addiction Services operates from a central base for appointments or within various GP surgeries within the Community.

Contact Details


Levemouth, Glenrothes & North East

Ward 11,

Cameron Hospital,

Cameron Bridge,

Cameron Road,





Addiction Services

Whytemans Brae Hospital,



Dunfermline & West Fife

Lynebank Hospital

Campsie Clinic,

Hallbeath Road,    


KY12 4UW

Telephone number:  01592 716446 for main reception at Cameron Hospital.

Addiction Services are open Monday-Friday 9am-5pm excluding public holidays.

If there is an emergency please contact  999, NHS 24 or attend Accident and Emergency.



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