Health Screening Clinic for Adults with Down's Syndrome

People with Down's Syndrome are known to be at risk of specific health needs associated with their condition. They are also susceptible to developing certain additional health conditions later in life with can impact on their activities of daily living. When detected at an early stage, the correct advice can reduce the impact of these conditions on the physical health and wellbeing of individuals.

NHS Fife Community Learning Disability teams run a mulidisciplinary health screening clinic designed to improve the health status and quality of life of adults with Down's Sydrome through prevention and early detection of health issues.

The clinic aims to identify any current health needs, provide support and advice to reduce the impact of health needs that are identified and where possible reduce the risk of future health needs occurring. Clients are invited to attend the clinic at specific time intervals to allow us to detect changes in health that may occur in a person over time.


Where to find further information

Download the information leaflet below to find out further information about the multidisciplinary clinic.


How to make a referral

To make a referral to this service, please use the Community Learning Disability Team client referral form by clicking here.



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