Small Talk vs Big Talk

Small Talk vs Big Talk


Caring for children is very rewarding but can also be demanding! Sometimes help and advice is needed for dealing with all ages and stages children go through.
Talking about relationships, body awareness and sexual health with children can be difficult and daunting; however it is one of the most important areas to talk about for your children’s future.    Whether it is your three year old asking where babies come from, your nine year old asking why they now have body hair or your thirteen year old asking about masturbation, at some point, these questions will come up! Children will learn about sex and become sexually active at some point. Sex is everywhere and children are exposed to it daily in;
·                     Newspapers
·                     Magazines
·                     Television
·                     Music videos & song lyrics
·                     Advertising
·                     Internet
Children also learn from their friends, either in the playground, out socially or just by listening to conversations between older brothers and sisters or adults in the home environment. Parents are really important as you can make sure children have the right facts. Children can have a lot of misunderstandings which makes it more difficult for them to make good choices.  
Talking about relationships, body awareness and sexual health with your child should be a gradual process, beginning in the early years and continuing into adulthood.  Time should not be set aside for one ‘big talk’ but rather ‘small talk’ should be integrated into everyday activities, for example, issues may arise whilst watching a particular television programme and this could be used as a conversation starter.  Communicating effectively with your child when they are young will result in them seeking your help and advice if they need it in later years. Religious or cultural beliefs can make it difficult to be open with your child however it is still important to talk about it. Giving your child the right information means they are better equipped to make the right choices and will be more likely to trust and seek your advice. These pages are based on Parents experiences and are designed to help you deal with the issues around sex and sexuality. We hope to help you be more confident and answer your children’s questions more effectively!


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