What is Occupational Therapy?                                                                   

Occupational Therapy enables people to participate in daily life to impove their health and wellbeing. Please read "Occupational Therapy and Children and Young People" for further information.

Occupational Therapy and Children & Young People

Occupational Therapists provide advice, reassurance, support, assessment and intervention to help children and young people (newborn - school leaving age) to develop their skills in everyday activities to ensure they have access to all relevent facilities (or resources) within their home/school environments. These can include:

Self-care - dressing / undressing, feeding, personal care (e.g., toileting, bathing, hair washing, tooth brushing)

Productivity - at home; play, helping in the house (e.g., making a snack, chores); at school / pre-school: play, participation in curricular activities (e.g., school work, PE, technology)

Leisure - engagement in outdoor play, sports, hobbies, crafts, socialising with friends and family (e.g. www.onyourdoorstepfife.org)


Fife Health & Social Care Partnership Children and Young People's Occupational Therapists offer support  in various environments dependent on the child's and family's needs (e.g. home, school, nursery, clinic and child development centres, leisure centres and parks).

Our service has put together some free downloadable resources that may be helpful for people involved with supporting children and young people. Please select the appropriate link below.


Free downloadable C&YP OT resources




Contacting the Children & Young People's Occupational Therapy Service 

Contact details for the Children & Young People's Occupational Therapy Service can be accessed by clicking through to the Request for Assistance page. 


For more information contact

Children and Young People's Occupational Therapy Team
Tel: 01383 674124 Contact Children and Young People's Occupational Therapy Team online


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