NHS Fife Podiatry Services

The NHS Fife Podiatry service aims to provide a comprehensive foot health service to the local population of Fife.  All our podiatrists are dedicated professionals who are registered with the Health and Care Profession Council (HCPC). 


Our Purpose, Aims and Values  

Our commitment is to provide high-quality care throughout the Kingdom of Fife that meet the needs of individuals, their families, their carers and the community. In order to fulfil this commitment we shall:

  • Listen to patients, offer them choice and involve them as much as possible in decisions about their future care.
  • Provide services to the highest professional standards, delivered by skilled, courteous and considerate staff.
  • Work in partnership with Fife Health Board, Social Work, Fife Health Council, GP’s, the Voluntary Sector and with others – in the assessment of need, the promotion of healthy lifestyles and the provision of care in hospitals and in the community.
  • Identify, with the full involvement of our staff, areas where greater efficiency and better use of resources can release savings to improve patient care.
  • Strive to be an innovative organisation at all levels, taking the lead in national development in the field of community and priority care and seeking new ways to deploy the skills and experience of our staff in meeting the healthcare needs of Fife.


Our services include:

General Podiatry

The aim of general podiatry is to maximise mobility by offering treatment and advice that reflect patient's needs. These sessions specialise in the treatment of skin, orthopaedic, vascular and neurological conditions. Health promotion and foot health advice are offered.

Musculoskeletal (MSK)

The MSK service offers an initial in depth biomechanical examination of the patient’s lower limb alignment, joint position, muscle action and gait analysis in order to identify lower limb/foot deformities and gait abnormalities which may cause pain and impair the patients mobility.

Common biomechanical deformities and abnormalities that are treated successfully are; Plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, Anterior knee pain, achy legs and associated overuse due to hypermobilitysyndrome, hip and low back pain. Treatments such as functional foot orthotics, bespoke insoles, specific stretching and strengthening exercises and specialised training advice may then be prescribed.

Care & Residential Homes

NHS Podiatry provides a service for all patients with a medical or podiatric need, regardless of age.  This is open to all permanent residents in Fife including Care Homes, NHS Fife wards and Day Care areas.  Following admission any patient may be referred to Podiatry for an assessment of podiatric need. Podiatric input may include treatment of corns, callous, ulcer management, footwear advice, orthoses, postural management and foot infections.  Medical needs may include patients with conditions such as Diabetes and circulation problems.


All people with diabetes are offered an annual foot assessment which involves both vascular and neurological assessment as well as obtaining information about any foot related problems (past or present). The aim of these reviews are to ensure patients can safely manage their foot health and to reduce the risk of complications.  Patients who present at the podiatry clinics with a diabetic foot ulcer will be treated by a Specialist Podiatrist either at a local clinic, health centre or hospital or at home for those patients who are housebound.

Learning Disabilities

This dedicated comprehensive service is based both in the hospital and the community. The aim of the service is to maximise mobility and offer patients / carers/ relatives foot health advice and support.  We work as part of the learning disability multidisciplinary team providing care and support across Fife.  We offer a wide range of services including: biomechanical assessments, wound management, nail surgery, diabetes lower limb annual assessments and general podiatry with advice on self care. 


This service which is part of the Fife Rheumatic Diseases Unit treatespatients with inflammatory arthritis.  We provide full musculo-skeletal and gait analysis examination of lower limb, prescription of in-shoe devices (bespoke or prefabricated), comprehensive foot health education, footwear advice, ultrasound imaging and acuptunture.

Nail Surgery

A minor surgical procedure to remove a painful, troublesome toe nail (or part of a nail) under local analgesia. The area is then treated with a chemical to prevent further nail regrowth.

Children & Young People

The purpose of this service for children (0-18 years) is to identify, diagnose and treat conditions in the lower limb, which may have long-term consequences for the foot health of the child.  This may include:  bacterial, fungal and viral infections, problems with walking, nail problems, nail surgery, other skin conditions and structural problems such as curly toes

More details of these services can be found to the left of this page. Please click on the appropriate menu heading for more information.


Where are we based?

Services are provided in various clinics/health centres, hospitals, nursing and residential homes and patient's own homes.  There are approximately 70 members of podiatry staff (full and part-time) within the service. Details of the locations of our clinics are provided in the publications menu at the bottom of this page.



Please click here to be directed to local bus information which will aid you in reaching our clinics. 


Please click here to be directed to local train information.


Personal Foot Care

NHS Fife Podiatry do not offer a simple nail cutting service.

NHS Scotland podiatry managers have agreed that the provision of personal footcare does not require the specialist skills of a podiatrist.  Please see the NHS Scotland Personal Footcare Guidance for more information.

Personal footcare is deemed as part of a personal hygiene routine for feet and covers a set of tasks that an adult, whatever their age, would normally do for themselves if they are able to.Personal foot care is described as follows:

Toenail care

  • Clipping and/or filing toenails safely
  • Keeping toe nails at a length which feels comfortable to the individual.

 Skin care

  • Daily smoothing and moisturising dry and rough skin
  • Keeping feet clean, dry, comfortable and warm at all times
  • Daily checks for cracks and breaks in the skin
  • Daily looking for signs of infection or other obvious early problems and seeking professional advice


  • Checking footwear for comfort
  • Making sure footwear is a good fit.
  • Footwear are in a good state of repair.
  • Making sure footwear is safe to wear


NHS Fife has created a Personal Footcare DVD which can help you to take care of your daily foot health.  Please click on the version you wish to view.


English subtitles 





How to refer into the Service

Members of the public can self-refer to the Podiatry Service. 

To complete an electronic self referral please click here.  The completed referral will then be submitted directly to the service. The forms are completely secure and confidential. The service will respond within 14 days. Contact 01592 647199 (Mon-Fri 08.00-16.30) with your reference number if no contact has been made by the service within this time.


Paper referrals can also be picked up from your local clinic, health centre and GP Practice or printed out using the link below.  A new patient appointment letter will be sent by post to you once your referral has been triaged and accepted for treatment. In the event that your referral is not accepted or further information is required to process your referral you will be contacted either by telephone or letter.


NHS Fife Podiatry Referral Form

NHS Fife Podiatry Referral Form Guidance


Footcare Fife

Footcare Fife is a low cost, confidential safe and supportive service which is delivered by volunteers who are trained in personal footcare. This project is supported by NHS Fife and is run by Fife Voluntary Action. Please contact James on 08456 006 046 for more information on where this service is offered. Please see publications below to view the Footcare Fife Poster.


Improving Foot Health

NHS Fife Podiatrists understand that everyone is unique and therefore are committed to providing the highest standard of “Person Centred” care appropriate to your individual needs and requirements.

Using our professional care aims approach when developing treatment plans, our knowledge and expertise can help you reach your goals through effective communication, clinical reasoning and decision making. 

Following a set of tried and tested principles this ensures the best outcome to promote independence, autonomy and the best possible result for you.

Our belief is that evidence based practice is key to enhance the patient journey and the resulting personal empowerment.

Promoting foot health relies on you making good choices about your lifestyle in order to prevent foot problems arising or to limit any harm or injury. 

During your appointment you will be given individual verbal and written advice.  You will be actively involved in all aspects of your treatment and with the support of podiatrists jointly plan your treatment and agree goals in order to manage your own condition.  We will help you to keep your feet healthy!

The podiatry service participates in many local, regional and national improving health events.  This includes:

  • healthy school initiatives
  • foot health week
  • safe working lives
  • falls preventation 
  • carer enablement projects.

 Foot Health Month runs for the whole month of June! Our service participates throughout the month in promoting good health and wellbeing.  We will be in your area manning stands, showing you exercises, giving out leaflets, offering advice and generally trying to improve your foot health and overall wellbeing the fun way!!


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  • Up-to-date information (as far as this is possible)
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  • Choices (provide information which might inform this)

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