Is it really that time of year again? This year’s Flu Fighters campaign has begun in earnest.

More than double the numbers of staff were vaccinated last year compared with the previous year. 56.6% of staff were vaccinated last year compared to only 26.9% the previous year - this is truly incredible!

Please keep in mind above all is that Flu can be deadly - patients with existing health conditions are 18 times more likely to die from flu than healthy people. Healthcare workers are much more likely to be exposed to the flu virus and so getting vaccinated not only helps protect staff; it helps protect patients and stops the virus being spread to friends and family members.

Last year was a particularly bad year for flu and the virus had a massive impact on our hospitals. Flu caused a spike in the numbers of patients having to be admitted, and who then had to be nursed in isolation to prevent the virus spreading. Our services were under significant pressure and this would have been made much worse had so many staff not been vaccinated against the virus.

This is a call to all members of staff - protect yourself and protect those around you by getting vaccinated.



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