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Yoga works with the whole body, the whole person. Both the emotions and the physical body are brought into better balance. Through better balance life can become easier, more effortless and lighter. We can learn to move with the flow of life and let go of the unnecessary.

The Yoga for adults. Mamayoga for pregnancy and birth. Couples workshops for you and your partner. Baby yoga for mother and baby.

Qualified with British Wheel of Yoga, Inner Yoga Trust, YogaBirth & IAIM


The Yoga Adult Classes

transform your life

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Yoga can help
bulletpoint Release tension and aid sleep
bulletpoint Stimulate inner organs and immune system
bulletpoint Bring balance and alignment to the body
bulletpoint Help the body and mind work more efficiently

Tuesdays 6-6.55pm @ Inverkeithing Civic Centre
Tuesday 8-9pm @ Inverkeithing Civic Centre
Wenesdays 6-7pm @ Carnegie Hall

£6 per class, payable by term, £7 per class payable by half term


for pregnancy & birth

Pregnancy yoga is the ideal way to bring the body into harmony with the changes and demands of pregnancy. Yoga maintains and improves health, it allows us to trust our intuition, and ability to listen to the body. This is vital for labour to progress naturally and brings calm if things don’t go quite according to plan. This class offers time for you to enjoy the unfolding, and time to be with your baby. Yogabirth, yoga for pregnancy, classes offer healthy exercise and preparation for labour and birth. These antenatal classes run in Inverkeithing and Dunfermline.

It can help
bullet point Improve general physical wellbeing and posture
bullet point Position the baby well for labour
bullet point Alleviate associated discomforts such as:
heartburn, achy back, restricted breathing,

sleep disturbance, anxiety

It is ideal to start classes once you have reached the second trimester (12 weeks), but you can start anytime. the classes are designed to be suitable right up until the birth of your baby.

Tuesdays 7-7.55pm @ Inverkeithing Civic Centre

Wednesdays 7.15-9pm @ Carnegie Hall

6/9 per class payable by term, 7/10 per class payable by half term

Baby Yoga

Take some Yoga Fun home with you

Baby & Postnatal Yoga

A great way to enjoy being with your baby: some yoga for you, and some fun for your little one - give both of you a treat.

bulletpoint Get into shape and feel good
bulletpoint Yoga for you and your baby

bulletpoint Quality time with your baby

bulletpoint Soothing touch

bulletpoint Stimulating brains

bulletpoint Meet other mums & babies

Thursdays 11-12 noon @ Inverkeithing Civic Centre
£6 per class, payable by term, £7 per class payable by half term

Meeting Place

North Queensferry Community Centre, Dalgety Bay Commhnity Centre, Dancebank Dunfermlikne, Inverkeithing Civic Centre, Rosebery Hall South Queensferry

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