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St. Marie's One Mile a Day Challenge

Health & Wellbeing I

In Primary  schools we are challenged to ensure that pupils have 2 hours of quality PE per week. In an effort to make sure we achieve this and to increase the health and stamina of our pupils in St. Marie’s we have introduced the mile challenge. The aim of the initiative is to promote running as a fun activity for all. The challenge gives pupils the opportunity to take the first steps towards fitness by participating in jogging or running. The focus is on personal improvement as pupils are encouraged to measure their progress from their 1stchallenge to the next in a fun competitive way.

 This term classes should carry  out the 1 mile run [10 minutes] at the following times;

•P1 – 3 at 10.30am around the school

•P4-6 at 12.25 around the school

•P7 at 12.25 on St. Andrew’s track

Keeping to these timings ensurse that we do not exceed the 10 minute window.


Mini Dirt Crit Series 2016

A big congratulations to our team of 11 cyclists who entered the mini Dirt Crit Series this year at Lochore Meadows.  Our team of super cyclists were P7 Luke Berchtenbreiter, Matilda McDonagh and Kayleigh Armsby P6 Amadu Bah, Oscar Kelly and Cole Martin, P5 Arron Doherty, Alfie Gibb and Afan Sher, P4 Jake Berchtenbreiter and katie Barlow.  They braved the weather to take part in this years mountain bike festival racing against other local schools on a very tricky course.  All riders exceeded expectations and we are delighted with how they all performed in Round 1.

A special mention to Luke Berchtenbreiter and Oscar Kelly who got 1st place in their race and Matilda McDonagh who got 2nd place. We are raring to go for Round 2!




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