The Praxis Award

This years’s Primary six and seven have been introduced to The Praxis Award. It’s for the St Andrews Cluster (that means schools that send their pupils to St Andrews High School) It’s all about putting Faith Into Action. The pupils have opportunities to gain a Praxis Award by completing these three sections: “Me and my community”, “Talented me” and “Me and my Faith”. M e and my community is about completing personal achievements and their own pace.

A few of the achievements are:

  • Six months attendance at a school club or activity
  • I can reduce re-use and recycle


Talented me is about achieving progress in their hobbies and talents.

A few of the achievements are:

  • I have shown good progress in a hobby
  • I can run a mile in ten minutes


Me and my Faith is about how much the pupils know about their religion and prayers.

A few of the achievements are:

  • I have taken part in preparing a Mass
  • I have observed Lent


The level of award depends on the number of achievements

Bronze: minimum of forty achievements

Silver: minimum of fifty achievements

Gold: sixty achievements, that is, twenty in each section.


We think it will be a great opportunity for the children in years to come

Jenna and Jodie p6a.



Chess SuccessChess club

The after school chess club had about 24 children who attended and 5 went forward to the Megafinal. Joseph in P6 was our school winner and was presented with the trophy at Assembly.  Natalie P5 played in the Megafinal in Aberdeen in May and won her section, taking home a trophy, a rosette and the prize money.  Well done to them both!


Lets hope the chess club can continue with all the success they have had.

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