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Miss Kirsty O'Connor

Depute Headteacher

Miss Nadine Gibbons

Support for Learning Teacher

Mr Steven McLean (Monday - Thursday)

Class Teachers

P1a - Miss Lisa Edwards

P1b - Mrs Sharon Hutchison

P2a - Mr Matthew Nixon

P2b - Miss Samantha McCulloch

P3 - Miss Stephanie Waugh

P4 - Mrs Emma Walker & Mrs Caroline Turnbull

P4/5 - Miss Kaitlyn Hawley

P5 - Miss Pauline Holmes

P6 - Mr Quincey Matthew

P6/7 - Mr Mark Berrie

P7 - Mr Evan Traquair

NCCT - Mrs Claire Croucher

NCCT - Mrs Mary McManus

NCCT - Mrs Mary Queen


Visiting Specialists

Miss Sarah Muir

Pupil Support Assistants

Mrs Nicola Alexander

Mrs Ann Connor

Mrs Suzanne Ellis

Mrs Elaine McGowan

Mrs Suzanne Robertson

Mrs Christine Simpson

Miss Noreen Skivington

Miss Kimberly Wilson


Family Support Worker

Miss Rianna McGinley


Nursery Early Years Officer

Angela Brogan

Alicia Page

Mairi Smart

Clare Walker

Carol Woolley

Office Staff

Mrs Pauline Gray

Mrs Sharon Finnie


Mrs Jackie Berry 

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