Mrs Mary Caldwell


Deputy Headteachers

Mrs Donna O'Hara

Ms Mary MacLeod


Class Teachers

P1 Room 1 Miss Kirsty McDowell

P1 Room 2 Miss Fiona Bennett

P2 Room 3 Miss Philp

P2 Room 4 Miss Golombek

P3 Room 5 Mrs Lyden

P3 Room 6 Miss Tana

P4 Room 7 Miss Holligan

P4 Room 8 Miss Penman

P5 Room 9 Miss Keenan

P5 Room 10 Mrs Morenikeji and Mrs Foulis

P6 Room 11 Miss Vallott

P6 Room 12 Miss West

P7 Room 13 Mrs Wishart

P7 Room 14 Miss Mooney and Mrs Smith

Mrs Duncan

Mrs Brown


Support for Learning Teachers

Miss Mary Gray

Mrs Fiona Walls


Early Years Officer

Mrs Harley

Mrs Gibb


Classroom Assistants

Mrs Lynne McIlhatton

Mrs Valerie McSherry


Support Assistants

Mrs Ruth Brunton

Mrs Margaret-Ann Penman

Mr Steven Vallance

Mrs Claire Duggan

Mrs Sabina Drodz

Miss Jenna MacKenzie

Mrs Rebecca Stewart



Mrs Carolyn Roy

Mrs Gail Gillland



Mr George Tullis


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