The Nursery Room and Garden

Page last updated at 10:10 AM, Tue 25 Oct 2016

Young children come to Nursery with active imaginations and natural curiosity. They are eager to make sense of the world, to extend their skills and to develop relationships. Our Nursery offers a safe, attractive and stimulating environment where children can investigate, explore, learn and have fun.


Each child's progress is recorded in their PLP (Personal Learning Plan) which is linked to the Curriculum for Excellence. We enjoy having regular meetings with parents to keep them up to date with their child's experience at Nursery, but parents and children alike can look at their PLJ at any time. Of course, if a parent has any concerns that they wish to raise, Nursery staff are always available and happy to have a chat.


In addition to our Nursery room, we have an extensive garden where we have ample scope for energetic play on a daily basis. As well as growing fruit, vegetables and flowers, birdwatching and feeding the birds are popular activities  with the children.  We also make use of other areas in the school - gym, library music room etc.

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