Overview and Activities

Page last updated at 10:25 AM, Tue 25 Oct 2016

                                We learn and have fun in different ways. This year we will be:

  • going to the woods regularly, where we'll  jump, climb, splash, explore and learn
  • making compost in the garden and looking after the plants
  • collecting rainwater in the water butt which we will use to water the plants and play
  • feeding the birds with seeds and birdcakes which we'll make. Then we'll watch them from our 'hide' in  the Nursery and we'll learn to identify them
  • going off on adventures to exciting places with our Explorer's Club - for example to Vane Farm and Loch Leven
  • playing games and learning on our interactive Smartboard
  • celebrating other world cultures and customs
  • performing songs and rhymes at our Christmas and Summer concerts
  • going to the theatre at Christmas
  • regularly visiting  the learning library and taking part in Bookbug sessions
  • helping  to create our learning walls 
  • taking Ed the Ted home for an adventure and sharing his experiences with our friends and family
  • celebrating our  wider achievements and contributing to our Nursery Super Stars wall
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