The staff includes:

Headteacher Mrs Jo-Anne Angel
Depute Headteacher Mrs Katie Dow
Learning Support Mr Steven McLean (Mon-Tues)
Nursery Mrs Bowring (teacher), Mrs Davidson (EYO), Mrs Simpson (EYO), Mrs Marr (EYO), Mrs Moir (EYO)
Clerical Mrs Riley, Mrs Jack
Support Staff Miss Dow, Mrs Fleming, Mrs Jack, Mrs Maxwell, Mrs McGowan, Mrs Tindell
Janitor Mr John Foley
Primary 1/2 Miss Emma Johnstone & Miss L Aitken
Primary 2/3 Mrs Deirdre McQuade
Primary 3/4 Mrs Brenda Tate
Primary 4 Miss Yvonne Milligan
Primary 5 Mr Nick Tomlinson & Mrs Jill Logan
Primary 6 Miss Eilidh Rice
Primary 7 Mr Jon Lowis & Miss Lisa Aitken
NCCT & Curriculum Development Miss Lisa Aitken
NCCT Mrs C Carr


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