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The staff includes:


 Mrs Jacqueline Crawford, Headteacher


Primary 1

Miss A Holligan

Primary 2

Miss K Wilson

Primary 3

Miss A Holligan 

Primary 4

Mrs C Rae/Mrs F Schofield

Primary 5

Mrs A Sutherland

Primary 6

Mrs P Hutchison

Primary 7

Miss L Philp

P.E. Teacher

Mr J Lees

Support For Learning

Mrs K Spracklin

Music Instructor

Mrs P Woodburn

Pupil Support

Mrs M Dunsmore

Pupil Support

Mrs M Haddow

Pupil Support

Mrs J Reid

Admin. Assist.

Mrs P Gray

Clerical Assist.

Mrs N Foster

Assist. Janitor

Ms D Graham

Catering Supervisor

Mrs W Thomson

Catering Assist.



Mrs A Hunter





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