Currently there are 22 community pharmacies throughout Fife, which are able to meet the pharmaceutical care needs of palliative care patients.

They proved the following key services:

  • Dispensing of specialist palliative care medicines, according to an approved list
  • Provision of advice and information on the use of these medicines to patients/carers and healthcare professionals
  • Liaison with the patient’s usual community pharmacist and primary health care team to ensure continuity of supply of medicines and advice
  • Just In Case Boxes

Just in Case (JIC) Boxes contain anticipatory medicines for symptom management in palliative patients. Boxes can be issued to any palliative patient by the GP practice or Hospital service for use within the patient’s home if required.

NHS Fife Pharmacy can supply an oxygen concentrator where it is required in an emergency for a palliative care patient at the end of life.
Contact 01383 565351 during normal office hours.

In the out-of-hours period, Urgent Care Services Fife have access to oxygen concentrators for emergency short term loan for this purpose.