Common reasons for children, young people and their families seeing Clinical or Associate Psychologists include:

  • worries and anxieties
  • low or depressed mood
  • coping with ill-health
  • sleep difficulties
  • behaviour problems
  • changes in family relations
  • social difficulties, including friendships, bullying and loneliness
  • coping with experiences of abuse or trauma

The child and family psychology service consists of clinical psychologists, clinical associates in Applied Psychology (CAAPs), Trainee Clinical Psychologists, Trainee CAAPs and Assistant Psychologists. We provide assessment and intervention to children, young people, and their families, when there are concerns regarding psychological wellbeing and mental health. We also provide consultancy and training to staff across agencies who work with children, young people and families. This contributes to providing the best and most suitable care.

We offer a range of evidence-based and innovative services to improve well being and quality of life for children, young people and families. We offer assessment and therapeutic interventions. These are tailored to the needs of children or young people and their family. We work with young people and their parents individually, as a family and in groups.