About Elsie

Elsie is designed to replace the previous paper process. Historically, all patients had to attend a hospital and answer questions with a nurse. 

Elsie starts with a text message to your mobile phone. This text message gives you a link to download the Elsie app onto your phone. 

With the NHS Fife Elsie ePreOp App, you can now provide information about yourself from home. It is easy to answer and submit questions through the App.

You can also message the pre-operative assessment team with questions or queries. Elsie can also send you reminders of important information before your operation. 

The Pre-assessment nurses will review your answers, and if needed, will discuss them with your Anaesthetist and/or Surgeon. This will allow us to fully understand your health needs. 

You will only need to attend the hospital for pre-operative appointments if you need to have routine tests before surgery. 

Frequently asked questions