Not all health services will be able resume immediately or be able to return to normal working arrangements due to the ongoing need to maintain separate areas to treat patients with Covid-19.

Physical distancing and infection control measures to protect patients and staff will limit the number of people who can attend at any one time and reduce previous service capacity.

A number of updates on specific services are available below:

Orthopaedic surgery resumed

NHS Fife has now recommenced much of its orthopaedic programme, including joint replacements, and was one of the first Health Boards in Scotland to do so. Over recent weeks our clinical team has been contacting those patients awaiting orthopaedic procedures to reassess their needs and are prioritising patients based on national guidance to ensure the most clinically urgent cases are seen first. We have now regained much of the operating capacity we had available prior to the pandemic and this capacity will continue to expand in the coming weeks and months.

Cataract procedures resumed at Queen Margaret Hospital

Cataract procedures re-commenced at Queen Margaret Hospital on 13 July 2020. Across our wider ophthalmology service, only urgent patients received face-to-face appointments at the height of the pandemic. Since the beginning of July 2020 there has been a steady and incremental increase in activity across the various ophthalmological sub-specialties. Patient safety remains our number one priority and we have put additional infection prevention measures in place during any surgical procedures. The need for physical distancing has impacted upon capacity as our services recommence, however, this is necessary to ensure the continued safety of staff and patients, and every effort is being made to minimise the effects of such measures.

Resumption of National Screening Programmes

Dental services and what's changed

A wider range of dental services are now available but due to social distancing measures and added infection control measures it is not business as usual. For more information on what to expect please read the information provided on NHS inform.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Accessing dental services | NHS inform

It is now possible to access a wider range of dental services within your local community.

Getting help with a dental problem. If you have a dental problem you should call the dental practice that you normally attend in the first instance.

The Scottish Government have produced this informative video:

If you are registered with a dentist then you should make contact with them via telephone to discuss any treatment needs.

If you are not registered with a dentist then you can call the NHS Fife Dental Helpline for advice: 01592 226555

Outside normal working hours, if feel you have an urgent dental need, please contact NHS24 on 111.

Do not visit a dental surgery without an appointment - if you wish to find out if you can access urgent or routine treatment at your nearest dental practice you should telephone the dental practice in advance. The NHS Inform website has a postcode search function to aid with accessing your nearest dental practice contact details.

More information

Re-mobilise, Recover, Re-design, The Framework for NHS Scotland

Re-mobilise, Recover, Re-design, The Framework for NHS Scotland sets out how Health Boards will follow national and local clinical advice to safely and gradually prioritise the resumption of some paused services. Health boards will introduce these plans while maintaining COVID-19 capacity and resilience and providing appropriate support for social care.

Joint Remobilisation Plan for health and care services in Fife

This is the Joint Remobilisation Plan for health and care services delivered by NHS Fife and Fife Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP) following the COVID-19 pandemic. Scotland and the UK is still in emergency planning measures, however, the framework published by the Scottish Government on 21 May 2020 provides a roadmap with 4 phases to restart society following the period of lockdown.

The purpose of this document is to set out the short term plan and will describe how clinical services will be restarted and the governance supporting the restart.

Download mobilisation plan