Table 1- pharmacies in Fife who regularly open on Sundays 

Dunfermline ASDA Sundays 10.00am - 6.00pm
Dunfermline  Boots Sundays 11.00am - 5.00pm



Sundays 11.30am - 4.30pm
Kirkcaldy  ASDA Sundays 9.00am - 6.00pm
Kirkcaldy,  Boots, Fife Retail Park Sundays 10.00am - 5.30pm
Kirkcaldy Boots, 116-120 High Street Sundays 11.00am – 4.00pm
St Andrews Boots Sundays 11.00am - 5.00pm
St Andrews Wm Morrison Pharmacy  Sundays 10am - 4.00pm

Table 2 - pharmacies opening hours on public holidays.




Opening times

T& K Brown, 21-32 Shore Street KY10 3AQ

✔ 9.00 - 1.00pm

  East Neuk Pharmacy 23 Roger Street KY10 3DU ✔ 9.00 - 1.00pm

Crail Pharmacy, 19-20 High Street, KY10 3TE

✔ 9.00 - 1.00pm
Pittenweem Pittenweem Pharmacy, 7 Market Place, KY10 2PH ✔ 9.00 - 1.00pm
Ballingry Dears Pharmacy Ltd, 12 Benarty Square, KY5 8NH X

Boots the Chemist Ltd, High Street KY4 9QW

✔ 10.00 - 4.00pm
  Gordon Chemists, 20 Brroad street, KY4, 8HY X
  Wm Morrison Pharacy 1-2 Raith Centre, KY4 8PB              ✔ 9.00 - 5.30pm
Kelty Well Kelty, 39 Main Street, KY4 OAA       ✔ 9.00 - 6.00pm
  Dears Pharmacy, 60 Main Street, KY4 0AE X
Lochgelly Well Lochgelly, 66 Bank Street KY5 9QQ ✔ 8.45 - 5.45pm
  Dears Pharmacy, 4 Bank Street, KY5 9QQ X
Lochore Dears Pharmacy Ltd, 60 Lochleven Roads, KY5 8DA X
Buckhaven Boots, Merlin Crescent, Muiredge, KY8 4NE X
Leven Boots, 47 High Street, KY8 4NE  ✔ 9.00 - 5.30pm
  Onnicare, 30 Commercial Road, KY8 4LD  ✔ 9.00 - 5.30pm
  Leven Pharmacy, 12-14 Commercial Road, KY8 4LD X
Lundin Links Lundin Links Pharmacy, 2 Emsdorf Street, KY8 3HR X
Methil Omnicare Methil, 245 Methilhaven Road,KY8 3HR  ✔ 9.00 - 5.30pm
  Boots, Ajax Way, KY8 3RS X
  303 Wellesley Way, KY8 3BS  X
Glenrothes Boots the Chemist Ltd, 14 Lyon Square, KY7 5NR  ✔ 8.45 - 5.30pm
  Dears Pharmacy, 3 Glamis Centre, KY7 4RH X
  Cadham Pharmacy, 8 Cadham Centre, KY7 6RU



  Lloyds Pharmacy, Unit 6, Minto Place, KY6 1PD X
  Superdrug Pharmacy, 10 Falkland Gate, Kingdom Centre, KY7 5NS X
  Your Local Boots Pharmacy, Cos Lane, Woodside Road, KY7 4AQ  8.30-5.30pm
Cupar Boots The Chemist Ltd
2-6 St Catherine Street
KY15 4BT
  Rowlands Pharmacy
45-47 Bonnygate
KY15 4BY
  Lloyds Pharmacy
1 Crossgate
KY15 5HA
 St Andrews Boots, 112-119 Market Street, KY16 9PE  8.30-5.30pm
  Lloyds Pharmacy St Andrews Community Hospital, Largo Road, KY16 8AR X
  Wm Morrison Pharmacy, 45 Largo Road, KY16 8PJ  8.30-8.00pm
Kirkcaldy Asda Pharmacy Ltd, Asda Superstore, Carberry Road, KY1 3NG   9.00-9.00pm
   Boots the Chemist Ltd, 116-120 High Street, KY1 1NQ 8.30-5.30pm
  Boots the Chemist Ltd, Unit 11, Fife Retail Park , KY2 6QL  9.00-8.00pm
  Lloyds Pharmacy, 222 Dunearn Drive, KY2 6LE X
  Lloyds Pharmacy, 18 High Street, KY1 1LU X
  Lloyds Pharmacy, 28 Mid Street, KY1 2PN X
  Lloyds Pharmacy, 1 The Postings, KY1 1HN X
  Lloyds Pharmacy, 2 Viceroy Street, KY2 5HT X
  Lloyds Pharmacy, Whyteman's Brae, KY1 2NA X
  GAM Stuart Ltd t/a St Clair Pharmacy, 233 St Clair Street, KY1 2BY X
Dunfermline Lindsay & Gilmour
6 Alderston Drive
KY12 0XU  
  Asda Pharmacy Ltd
Asda Superstore, Halbeath Retail Park
KY11 4LP
  Boots the Chemist Ltd
Unit 2, Kingsgate Centre
KY12 7QU
  Willow Pharmacy (Dunfermline) Ltd
85 Woodmill Street
KY11 4JN
  Dears Pharmacy Ltd
28 East Port
KY12 7JB
  Lloyds Pharmacy
43 Bellyeoman Road
KY12 0AE
  Lloyds Pharmacy
Unit 6, Block 1, Turnstone Road,
KY11 8JZ
  Well Dunfermline
3 Abbeyview
KY11 4HA
  Well Dunfermline
18-20 Douglas Street
KY12 7EB
  Well Dunfermline
Elliot Street
KY11 4TF  
  Well Dunfermline
St Andrews Street
KY11 4QG
Dalgety Bay  Rowlands Pharmacy
12 Bay Centre
Regents Way KY11 9YD
Inverkeithing  Lindsay & Gilmour
The Cross Pharmacy
8 High Street KY11 1NN
  Lindsay & Gilmour
51 High Street
KY11 1NL
Rosyth Well Rosyth
2 Crossroads Place
KY11 2LS
  Rowlands Pharmacy
6 Queens Buildings
Queensferry Road KY11 2RA

Other pharmacies not included on Table 2

ABERDOUR Aberdour Pharmacy, 30 High Street X
AUCHTERMUCHTY Rowlands, High Street X
BURNTISLAND Lloyds, High Street X
CHARLESTOWN Charlestown Pharmacy, 1a Main Road X
CARDENDEN Brian Johnston, 191 Station Road X
CARDENDEN Boots, 187 Station Road X
CROSSFORD Crossford Pharmacy, 61 Main Street X
CROSSGATES Well Crossgates, 92 Main Street X
DYSART Dysart Pharmacy, High Street X
EAST WEMYSS Weymss Pharmacy, 21 Main Road X
ELIE Davidsons Chemist, 42 High Street X
FALKLAND Lomond Pharmacy, Back Wynd X
HIGH VALLEYFIELD High Valleyfield Pharmacy, Chapel Street X
KINCARDINE Well Kincardine, 31 High Street X
KENNOWAY Lloyds Bishop's Court X
KINGHORN Lloyds High Street X
KINGLASSIE Lomond Pharmacy, 50 Main Street X
LADYBANK Davidsons Pharmacy, 30 Commercial Road X
LESLIE Lloyds, The Health Centre X
LEUCHARS Leuchars Pharmacy, 14 Main Street X
MARKINCH Markinch Pharmacy, 53 High Street X
NEWBURGH Davidsons Chemist, 40 High Street X
NEWPORT-ON-TAY Rowlands Pharmcy, 16 Victoria Street X
OAKLEY Dears Pharmacy, Wardlaw Way X
TAYPORT Rowlands, 32 Castle Street X
THORNTON Davidsons, Main Street X