Contact Information


Haematology Laboratory
South Laboratory
Victoria Hospital
Hayfield Road
Fife KY2 5AH

Laboratory Contacts

Laboratory Manager Mrs. D Galloway 28102
Laboratory Services Administrator Mrs. E Barr 28500
Laboratory IT Administrator Mr. A Rattrie 28067
General Office Mrs. L Hughes 29470
Specimen Reception   29490
Result Enquiries   28509
Urgent Requests   29979
Main Laboratory   29872
Consultant Haematologist Dr. S Rogers 21395
Personal Secretary Ms. M Ross 29484
Consultant Haematologist Dr. S Mane 28455
Personal Secretary Ms. M Ross 29484
Consultant Haematologist Dr. K Davidson 21247
Personal Secretary Mrs. K Pullen 29484
Personal Secretary (QMH) Ms. M Galloway 24166
Consultant Haematologist Dr. I Koutsavlis 28516
Personal Secretary Ms. H Reekie 29986
Clinical Nurse Specialist Ms. J Walker 20898
Clinical Nurse Specialist Ms. I Smith 21670
Service Manager Mr. K Cambell 28055
BMS Manager Ms. S Dack 29987














Opening Hours

Normal Laboratory Hours       Monday to Friday 09:00-17:00
Limited Service Hours            Saturday to Sunday 09:00-17:00

Out of Hours

For requests out with the working day, a limited repertoire of urgent tests can be undertaken as an emergency. Contact the urgent requests contact number (29979).

A consultant is always available for advice. Outside working hours he/she may be contacted by the hospital switchboard.

Test Repertoire/Specimen Requirements

All samples must be requested using the appropriate department request forms or via TrakCare or Cyberlab electronic requesting system. TrakCare and Cyberlab will automatically send all information to the LIMS and generate a label for the sample that will allow us to match the sample to the request. Benefits from laboratory investigations are very much dependant on the quality of request and specimen information submitted, as well as on the laboratory procedures, clinical advice and interpretation of results. The minimum data set (MDS) policy is strictly enforced (except for certain ‘precious’ specimens) and samples risk being disposed of unless MDS requirements on both request form and specimen (see below) are fulfilled. TrakCare or Cyberlab requests that have been received with an order number that has already been used (ie barcodes have been reprinted from a prior request rather than a unique request generated), may be held by the lab until a unique request can be generated by the user.

Reference Ranges

Comprehensive reference ranges are provided with relevant tests. These are available when accessing results via Clinical Portal/SciStore and are also printed on Haematology paper reports. Interpretative comments are also provided on appropriate reports. For more detailed reference range data and for further interpretation of results please contact the laboratory. Reference ranges will be regularly reviewed and amended as required.