How we spend our money

The Social Work Service takes the management of its budget very seriously and has an extremely good track record of meeting need within its budget.

The Service continues to be realistic and transparent about the demands for the use of its budget and the challenges that it faces and, will remain focused on using its budget in the most effective way to support the most vulnerable people.

The Social Work Service has a budget of over £200m gross per year to manage and target in the most appropriate way. At a time when the Service has to make £10m of savings per year for the next three years, the focus remains on protecting and enabling people who need our support. The most important thing for us is to ensure that we continue to maintain the high standards of social work services which are delivered in Fife and to target these resources to those who are most vulnerable.

Building on a strong and proven legacy of partnership work across Fife, the Social Work Service has begun a bold programme to build services which are sustainable now and in the future.  With over £200 million per annum to invest, different models of care and support are being explored and developed with service users and their families. By taking this approach, their hopes and aspirations to achieve their full potential, live independently and safely in their own homes and communities for longer, can be made a reality.

What we did in 2010/2011

  • 1,371,084 hours of Homecare were provided to older people in the community
  • 23,680 weeks of Respite Care were provided to carers to help them to continue in their caring role.
  • 57,650 hours of Unpaid Work were undertaken by offenders in the community under our supervision
  • 991 people attend our Day Centres every week
  • 854 children at 31 March 2011 were looked after.
  • 312 children came onto the Child Protection Register during the year April 2010 to March 2011
  • 304 Direct Payments were used by people to choose their own care.
  • 344 stair lifts and ramps were installed to help people stay in their homes
  • 100% of people under the guardianship of the Local Authority had an allocated Mental Health Officer.
  • 100% of children on the Child Protection Register have an allocated Social Worker.

How might services change?

The service will continue to look at new ways of delivering services. New options need to be explored and opportunities for increased partnership working with voluntary and private enterprise need to be considered.

We have to consider different ways of providing and arranging services with fewer resources; perhaps for example expansion of Self Directed Support and, focussing allocation of grants to organisations who are directly addressing Social Work priorities.

What do you think?

How can we do better where it matters most, with less money to go round – share your thoughts on Facebook.

Remember, investing in one area of public service means saving somewhere else.

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