Business Travel

Meeting clients, partners, stakeholders and colleagues is a vital part of our everyday business and to do this we sometimes have to do business travel.

As we all face our big challenges, we need to think of reducing the need to travel for business and making the best choices when we do.

Before planning/going out on business think:

  •  do I really need to leave the office?  
  • what is the best way to travel?


Do you need to leave the office?

Many Council buildings have telephone and video conferencing facilities available for all staff to use. It’s easy and can save your service a lot of time and money. Why travel miles for a short meeting when you can stay in your building or one nearby?  In some cases a phone call,  video conference or e-mail may deliver the same outcome.


What is the best way to travel?


Before taking the car, ask yourself:

  • how close is my meeting?
  • could I walk?

Walking is completely free and can contribute to your recommended 30 minutes of physical activity a day. Walking will keep you fit and the more you do it, the better you will feel.



Cycling is a fantastic way to get around town; it’s fast and can help you avoid the build-up of traffic on the roads. You can also claim cycle mileage, for every mile you cycle to meetings you can get yourself 20p per mile. Simply fill in your claim form and pass to your manager.


Bus and Train

If your journey is essential and too far to walk or cycle, another option is public transport. Fife has fantastic bus and train facilities available to you, for more information on public transport click here.   By using the bus or train it can save you time and the hassle of having to drive; you don’t even have to pay upfront.

Employees can obtain travel vouchers, allowing them to use Stagecoach buses when travelling on Council business.  Travel will be free of charge so there's no need to wait to claim bus fares back using an expenses claim form.

Give your voucher to the Stagecoach Bus Driver who will issue you with a ticket free of charge. Services will be charged the current fare for journeys using the financial code on the booking form.

 please note:- These tickets are for business use only and should not be used for personal travel


 Pool Car

If you cannot make your journey by bus or train then booking a pool car is also an option. Download your pool car booking form and hand it in to reception once complete.  Remember to ask around your office to find out if anyone is going in the same direction as you that day.

Share the pool car as often as you can to save money for your department.


Hire car

If you need a car for more than one day, an external hire could be considered - as this frees up Council pool cars for multiple users. It can often work out to be cheaper to use an external hire.

These vehicles can be delivered to almost any location but they require someone to be there when they are delivered to sign the delivery paperwork. The delivery and collection can be arranged from a Council depot. The off hire of the vehicle is very important to make sure costs are stopped.

The email address for the Hire Desk is  (VOIP 441317) and the desk is covered from 09.00 to 17.00 Monday to Friday.  If possible, please give 24 to 48 hours’ notice, to ensure a successful hire commitment (for more information please see Hire request Notification Period). A valid cost centre subjective is needed, along with Service approval. 

 Every penny can make a big difference to both you and the Council.

 If you would like more information or advice on travelling to, in and from work please contact us by emailing



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