School Travel Plans and the Curriculum

The six step guide to creating your travel plan links to Curriculum for Excellence – Health and Well Being Framework and helps achieve Eco-Schools status; see diagram below which is also available to download as a JPEG image at the bottom of this page.


The following text from Curriculum for Excellence guidance highlights the experiences and outcomes that are relevant to School Travel Planning.


“Learning through health and wellbeing promotes confidence, independent thinking and positive attitudes and dispositions. Because of this, it is the responsibility of every teacher to contribute to learning and development in this area.” -  Building the Curriculum 1


Mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing - Experiences and outcomes for physical wellbeing:


  • I am developing my understanding of the human body and can use this knowledge to maintain and improve my wellbeing and health.
  • I am learning to assess and manage risk, to protect myself and others, and to reduce the potential for harm when possible.
  • I know and can demonstrate how to keep myself and others safe and how to respond in a range of emergency situations.
  • I know and can demonstrate how to travel safely.



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