How to become a Bikeability volunteer

Bikeability Training Pitcoudie Primary

Bikeability Training Pitcoudie Primary

You don’t need to be an expert cyclist to become a Bikeability instructor – anyone who can ride a bike confidently and is enthusiastic about getting kids into cycling, thereby encouraging them to choose a healthy, environmentally-friendly and fun mode of transport will make an excellent Cycle Training Assistant (CTA).


Volunteer cycle trainers are the forefront of Bikeability in Fife. We run CTA courses locally in Fife at the Outdoor Education Centre located within Lochore Meadows Country Park that are free of charge.




  • Who can become a CTA? A parent, member of school staff or a member of the local community who is confident in their own cycling ability and at least 18 years old.


  • How long does it take? This is SCQF Accredited Level 5 course which is achievable within 10 hours. The 10 hours includes 3 hours of pre-course theory learning and 7 hours of practical learning.


  • What will I need? You will need access to a helmet, a bicycle in working order (No bike? No Helmet?  No problem, after you have booked onto the CTA course get in touch with the team at and we can ensure you have a bicycle & helmet on loan for the day of your course), clothes appropriate for the weather.


  • What will it cost? The course is free of charge on the basis that all CTA’s deliver Bikeability Scotland training to children as a volunteer or as part of their job. 


  • What's next? Once you have gained experience delivering cycle training, you may want to deliver Bikeability Scotland level 3 training, at which point you can progress onto the Cycle Trainer (CT) course which is a 4 day course delivered over a month. You can discuss this with the team by contacting them with the details provided below.



To find dates of upcoming courses in Fife click here.

Would you like to hear from some of our Fife volunteers? Click on play below:


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