You're now a Bikeability volunteer

Congratulations! You are now a fully qualified CTA, and are ready to start delivering Bikeability.

But first you must get in contact with Fife's Bikeability team at to arrange a quick meeting to discuss how you are going to be taking your training forward and the best way in which we can support you to do so.



To keep Bikeability running in Fife we need to receive all training information from our volunteers.

Without receiving course forms from our volunteers we can’t issue the resources or the awards required and ultimately we won’t have figures recorded to ensure Bikeability is available to every school in Fife for years to come.


Before training begins

The forms available for download at the bottom of this page should be filled in with details required and emailed to at least 2 WEEKS prior to the date training will begin. This allows us to send the resources out in time for the school to send the Parent Guides home so that every parent of a child taking part in your Bikeability course is aware of every aspect that will be covered in the course. It is equally important that the trainee’s receive their Cyclist Guide prior to training as they can have a look through the guide and understand what Bikeability entails. An electronic version of both these guides can be found available for download at the bottom of this page.

After training is completed

Your forms sent previously to book the training should now be re-sent to with the ‘traffic light’ marking system for each child clearly noted. Once we have received this we will record the pass details for your completed course then send out the pass certificates and badges for the children you have trained.


Level 1: We ask that you work on a ratio of 1:15 for playground training; this means we require a minimum of 1 CTA trained individual for playground training. If possible you can have untrained volunteers to help you coordinate the training.

Level 2: We ask that you work on a ratio of 2:16 for on-road training; this means we require a minimum of 1 CTA trained individual +  1 volunteer  to deliver on-road training. Again you may have additional volunteers to help the two of you coordinate this training.


 Join our group on Facebook, just search 'Bikeability Fife Volunteers' and request to join!



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