Bail Supervision

The Criminal Justice Social Work Services identify and provide services for those people at risk of being remanded in custody. This could be before trial or before sentence.

Bail supervision schemes identify individuals, based on assessed needs, who require a level of intensive support and monitoring and would suffer extreme difficulties if sent to custody.

Under Bail Supervision, priority will be given to those with mental health problems, women and young people under 21.

The worker will obtain information about you from:

  • the Procurator Fiscal
  • the Police
  • the Social Work Service
  • any other relevant agency

If assessed as suitable and the Court agrees that Bail should be granted:

  • Bail supervision requires attendance for two office appointments a week with your Supervising Officer
  • In the early stages of supervision, a home visit will occur once a week, and if required, particularly in relation to non-attendance, more home visits will happen
  • the level of contact is reviewed and either increased or decreased, dependent on the length of the period of supervision or if circumstances change
  • the Court will receive a progress report
  • supervision may include the provision of specific support packages
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