Parole reports and through-care

Parole means release from prison under specific conditions.

And to serve part of your sentence under supervision in the community.

Consideration for Parole can occur after serving half of the sentence if:

  • you are in prison or a young offenders' institution 
  • and are serving a sentence of 4 years or more

You can also decline any consideration for Parole.

If the Court grants Parole then your supervising Social Worker will explain the conditions that apply to you.

During the fist appointment, you will be asked for your consent and you will sign a copy of the licence.

Throughcare Team - Criminal Justice Social Work

The Throughcare team are responsible for the post-custodial supervision of male offenders. This includes those subject to a range of orders and licences as detailed below and the length of licence can be as little as 3 months up to and including for the rest of the person’s life:

  • Order for Lifelong restriction
  • Life Licence
  • Extended Sentence
  • Parole
  • Non-Parole
  • Supervised Release Order
  • Short term Sex Offender licence
  • Supervision orders post-custody imposed through the English legal system

The involvement of the team starts either at the point of a Criminal Justice Social Work report for the High Court or at the point of sentencing. The team maintain contact with the person during their sentence through the Integrated Case Management meetings arranged by the Scottish Prison Service.

The team also provide a number of reports to various partner agencies

  • Criminal Justice Social Work reports for the High Court except for women and for those convicted of sexual offences
  • Home Background Reports for the purposes of release on licence to the Parole Board for Scotland
  • Home Leave Reports for the purposes of temporary release from custody to Scottish Prison Service
  • Home Detention Curfew Reports for Scottish Prison Service which assess the suitability of a person being released from a custodial sentence subject to Electronic Monitoring

On a regular basis the team are involved in multi-agency working with partner agencies through Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA ), Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conferencing (MARAC) and Multi Agency Tasking and Coordinating (MATAC) meetings. 

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