Self Directed Support

The aim of Self-directed support is to give people who are eligible  as much control, choice and flexibility over their own lives and support as they want.    SDS is a method of arranging support in a tailor made way so that people, families and carers can live more independently with an improved quality of life.




 For more information phone our contact centre on 03451 551503

On your Doorstep!

Please visit our new website by clicking here .  You will find information about Self Directed Support in Fife as well as groups and organisations that you can join or make contact with in your community.

On Your Doorstep -

The following links are for organisations who can give you general information about Self Directed Support:

SDS Options  -


Penumbra -



Deaf Action -


Social Work Enquiries
Tel: 03451 55 15 03 Contact Social Work Enquiries online
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