Parking Dispensations and Parking Suspensions


A dispensation authorises a vehicle (or vehicles) to temporarily park in contravention of a Traffic Regulation Order, normally waiting restrictions (yellow lines etc). 


A suspension allows a parking bay(s) to be suspended for an agreed period of time e.g. a pay and display parking bay; a residents parking bay;or a disabled bay.


For a dispensation or a bay suspension to be granted the Council must be fully satisfied that it is necessary for a vehicle to be parked in contravention in order for the works or task to be carried out and that there is not a reasonable alternative available to the motorist.  In addition the Council must also consider any road safety implications, the impact on other road users, pedestrians and any adjacent businesses.  Dispensation will not normally be issued to allow parking on Double Yellow Lines unless this would not cause danger to other road users, and / or serious obstruction / traffic flow impediment.

In the case where a trades person/contractor is just looking for a place nearby to park then they will not be granted dispensation or the suspension of a bay unless they can demonstrate that they require regular access to their vehicle.

A dispensation does not permit general ‘parking’ and it does not allow the vehicle to remain in the restricted/ prohibited area once the dispensation purpose has been fulfilled. At that time the motorist is required to park elsewhere.


Examples of the type of things dispensation/suspension will generally be granted for are listed below:

  • Furniture Removals
  • Building/Maintenance/Repair works where close proximity of the site is essential.
  • Scaffolding works
  • Funerals (Hearse and chief mourners)
  • Weddings (bridal vehicle only)
  • Other circumstances which the Parking Management Unit may deem reasonable. 


Automatic Exemptions

Certain vehicles enjoy an automatic exemption in the relevant Traffic Regulation Order provided the vehicle is stationary only for as long as necessary in order that it may be used for the purpose set out below:-

  • Police, fire and ambulance vehicles whilst engaged on operational duties.
  • Any liveried vehicle in the service of a universal service provider delivering/collecting mail/goods
  • Vehicles being used for highway maintenance.
  • Vehicles being used for the installation or maintenance of services such as gas, water, electricity or electronic communications network.
  • Vehicles being used in connection with waste collection, street cleansing or parking enforcement.
  • Vehicles where a valid blue badge is displayed in accordance with relevant Regulations.
  • Vehicles where loading/unloading is taking place in accordance with relevant Regulations.
  • Vehicles stopped solely for the purpose of picking up or setting down passengers in accordance with relevant Regulations.


Notice Period

The Council normally requires a minimum of 3 working days notice to process applications as on most occasions the need for a dispensation or suspension can be anticipated.   In certain circumstances dispensation may be granted earlier than this however this will be at the discretion of the Council.



The length of the dispensation or suspension will be advised at the time of issue but will normally not last longer than 7 days.  Extensions for longer periods will be considered on an individual basis.



If, in the opinion of an officer of the Council or a Parking Attendant, a vehicle is parked in contravention for which a dispensation been issued but is not being used as an integral part of the works/task in progress, a Penalty Charge Notice may be issued.  



At the present time there is no charge for a dispensation however any suspension of a charged parking bay will incur a cost of £9 / day / bay as well as a one off £10 admin charge to cover the administration cost and the loss of revenue.   


Applying for Dispensation or Suspensions

Please complete the Parking Dispensation and Parking Suspension Application Form - you will find it in the Do It Online section of this page


Once your application has been processed you will be advised if it has been approved or rejected.  If approved you will be emailed a permit that will need to be printed and displayed on the vehicle(s) for which the dispensation (or bay suspension) has been agreed. 


In the case of bay suspensions you will require to pay in advance for this service. Once you receive confirmation advising if the bay suspension has been approved, you must phone 03451 55 55 55 Ext 480208 and quote the reference number you have been given. Payment will be taken over the phone by either credit or debit card.  Once payment has been made, you will be emailed a permit that will need to be printed and displayed on the vehicle(s) for which the bay suspension has been agreed.


If you wish to discuss your requirements in advance please call one of our Parking Supervisors on the contact number detailed below.  If the call is not answered please leave a message with contact details and a Supervisor will call you back.




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