Legal orders/notices

Information on proposals which require formal Notification such as:

  • waiting restrictions
  • speed limits
  • road humps
  • new pedestrian crossings
  • road closures

These documents are split as follows;

  • Proposed - Notices which have been published and are in their consultation period.
  • Made Orders - Newly made Orders which can be viewed for six weeks.
  • Temporary Orders (TTROs)- Orders put in place on a temporary basis to cover road closures, waiting restrictions, etc.
  • Disabled Parking (On Street Bays) -  information on all the legally enforceable disabled bays on-street throughout Fife. A live map is provided to show their location.
  • Disabled Parking (Council Car Parks) - drawings and the Legal Order associated with Council car parks thoughout Fife.

To view these items please select from the menu on the left. 

A list of publications appears at the bottom of the page.

In addition to appearing here notices will be posted on the affected street.  Some notices also appear in the local press.

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