On-Street disabled parking

On-street disabled parking bays fall into two categories:


Parking bays which are marked out in residential areas for the benefit of residents who require a disabled parking bay close to their homes.

The Disabled Persons' Parking Places Act requires all Local Authorities to maintain a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) which makes disabled bays legally enforceable. Below are three documents which provide the original Order, a full list of exisiting enforceable bays and a list of the latest bays to be added/removed from the Order. Where a new amendment is in the process of being made, a notice may also be provided during the consultation period. This document will include the resons for amending the order and provide details of how to object.

In addition to the information provided within these documents,  a 'live map' has been provided below which will allow you to look at the locations of the disabled bays which are active in Fife. Any bays shown as "To be removed" (orange symbol) are still legally enforceable until the markings have been removed.

Note: The traffic signs regulations changed in 2016 and there is no longer a requirement to erect a sign alongside a disabled bay. To reduce the time involved providing disabled bays and avoid unneccesary signs being erected, we will no longer be providing signs in residential streets and only road markings will be provided. These will still remain fully enforceable once they're added to the Traffic Regulation Order.

Please note - applications for the provision of disabled parking bays are only accepted on-line.
If you wish to request a disabled bay please Click Here.


Disabled parking bays which are in locations where people may need to get access to parking close to a local amenity such as shopping areas or community facilities.

Disabled persons parking places are provided throughout Fife to make access easier to town centres, shopping areas, other amenities and to people’s homes.  Through the provision of on-street and off-street disabled parking bays at appropriate locations, people with a disability can get improved access to services.

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