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Bikeability is the rebranded Scottish Cycle Training Scheme previously known as Cycling Proficiency -  I'm sure we can all remember how much fun we had while undertaking our own training and the great times we had playing out on our bikes!  




Then why not ensure that the children of today have the same opportunities and independence that our bike gave us.


Bikeability is offered to all schools within Fife and is run over 3 levels; each level improves the childs cycling knowledge and ability:


Level 1 – Teaches basic skills such as balance, controlling the bike and making turns. Training normally takes place in a traffic-free area such as a playground.

  • Target age – Primary 5-6
  • Trainer level required - Cycle Training Assistant (CTA)


Level 2 – Teaches the rules of the road and basic skills for riding on the road. Training takes place on quiet residential roads which are audited and risk assessed before training takes place.

  • Target age– Primary 6-7
  • Trainer level required - Cycle Training Assistant (CTA)


Level 3 – Looks at planning a journey using more challenging routes, developing skills and understanding to make informed decisions as road users; as well as covering the Highway Code.

                 (Fife Council presently does not offer Level 3 training)

  • Target age– Primary 7 – S2
  • Trainer level required – Cycle Trainer (CT) 


Want to know more about Bikeability then click on the parent guide below or watch our quick video clip



Further details can be found on Bikeability Scotland website by clicking here.

Or, if you would like to get involved, then drop us an email at




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