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Active Travel Mascot

Active Travel Mascot

In Fife we are faced with a fast growing increase in the number of car journeys to school. One of the national statistics shows that 1 in 5 cars on the road in urban areas at 8.50 am are on the ‘school run’


We all know how much the journey to school has changed since we were at school ourselves – more traffic, less social contact with others, more pressure of time. Through working together to raise the awareness of the positive benefits of more active and sustainable travel choices, such as walking, cycling or using public transport, we can bring about attitude and behaviour changes and encourage positive lifestyle choices amongst pupils, parents and school staff.


The School Travel Plan Team here in Fife works with schools to raise awareness to encourage more active and sustainable travel choices by helping produce a written document which sets out their individual practical measures and initiatives for reducing the number of car trips made to school,  and for improving safety on the journey.


The Action Plan is at their core of any STP, setting out what will be achieved, including targets with dates and people assigned to each action.  Your School Travel Plan Coordinator will help you develop this plan and aid you with any of the following examples of activities, events and actions:

  •           Active Travel Week
  •           Bike Week
  •           Establishing Park and Stride sites - where parents park away from the school gate and walk a short 5 minute journey the rest of the way
  •           Bikeability Cycle Training
  •           Cycle Parking
  •           Road safety education and resources/maps showing safe routes to schools
  •           Setting up walking buses - parent/school supported project for trained parents to escort groups of children to and from school.
  •           Promoting Car Sharing
  •           Parent Parking Pledge



Road Safety websites:

  •  Nursery Pupils: 

                           Go Safe with Ziggy

  •  Primary Pupils: 


                           Junior Road Safety Officers

  • High Schools


                           Your Call

                           Crash Magnets

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