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Cycling to work and for leisure can save you time and money

Cycling to work and for leisure can save you time and money


Here within Fife Council we actively seek to improve the travel choices for our employees and service users by putting into practice the measures set out in our plan, and not just by writing them down; a travel plan document is not just a piece of paper that records what we are going to do, it’s a paper to guide us on how to encourage change to a more sustainable mode of travel.


Our travel plan has the following structure:


  • Fife Council Travel Plan - supported by the Strategic Travel Plan Group; this is a corporate document that considers national and local government policy drivers and the role the Travel Plan will play in achieving these goals;


  • Local Travel Plans - supported by Local Travel Plan Groups; this is a site-specific document that provides Services and Teams at a particular location with best practices and ways in which greater travel choices can be incorporated into business practices; and


  • Travel Choices information - supported by the Travel Plan team; this is a range of information and leaflets with an aim to providing employees with as much travel information as possible.  For instance, phone apps are now available that provide a wide range of travel information.


Below are a few of the measures that we have been implementing within Fife Council as a result of information provided by our biennial travel to work survey.






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