• Date awarded: October 2020
  • Awarded value: £5,000
  • Fund: Small Grant Programme 2020
  • Location: Ward 32 at Victoria Hospital
Bus Stop Cafe 1

The team at Ward 32 converted a sitting room into a bus stop café to provide space for patients to meet and enjoy a cup of tea and a biscuit. The area can also be used by visitors and relatives who will be able to enjoy some time there with their loved ones.

A new themed café area has opened at the Victoria Hospital for elderly patients and visiting family members.

The new ‘Bus Stop Café’ has been created on Ward 32 at Victoria Hospital and is themed like a 1960’s style diner. In addition to providing a safe space where patients can relax and enjoy a cuppa or a snack, the café area will also be a space where patients can spend time with visiting loved ones as the current restrictions ease.

Ward 32 provides medicine for the elderly, and very many of those cared for on the ward have dementia or delirium. Having to spend time in hospital can be upsetting for anyone, however, this anxiety is often heightened for those with dementia or delirium which can lead to such patients displaying agitation and distressed behaviour.

Very often these behaviours are managed by supporting patients with stimulating activities like dominoes, painting and jigsaws. Where such activities would previously have been done at the patient’s bedside, these can now be done within the café, away from the hustle and bustle of the busy ward environment.

The project was made possible with a Small Grant of £5,000 from the Fife Health Charity, which was used to help transform an underused day room on the ward into a more usable facility which will provide demonstrable benefits for patients.