• Date awarded: November 2020
  • Awarded value: £200
  • Fund: Playlist of Life
Noise Cancelling Headphones & Dunedin Chapter Patch

Thanks to a generous donation from the Dunedin chapter of the Harley-Davidson Owner's Club, noise cancelling headphones have been purchased for use in theatre by patients during 'awake surgery'.

Due to respiratory complications and issues, especially during the covid pandemic, more surgery is being completed whilst the patient is awake rather than anaesthetised. This helps to reduce the complications and side-effects of receiving a general anaesthetic. During ‘awake surgery’ the patient is supported to listen to a choice of music based on their musical preferences. Noise cancelling headphones allow the patient to listen to the music and not be distracted by noise that is occurring during the surgical procedure. The headphones are the over-ear style made from leather which can be cleaned between patient use and meet the strict requirements of infection control.