• Date awarded: April 2019
  • Awarded value: £11,440
  • Fund: ICU Fund
  • Location: Intensive Care Unit, Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy
Electronic Ear

Noise display ‘SoundEars’ have been installed in the ICU wards to monitor and display background noise levels, to ensure a comfortable, healthy and healing environment for patients, staff and visitors.

The human ear attenuates background noise over time, a process which can lead to a loss of noise objectivity. As a result, noise levels can increase during the day. By measuring and displaying actual noise levels on the ward, the Noise Display provides valuable feedback to help monitor and control excessive levels of noise.

Noise Display shows the noise levels using a series of coloured lights. Green means that noise levels are within acceptable levels, while yellow and red signify potentially harmful amounts of noise. This easily recognisable display provides objective information, indicating when to reduce noise to appropriate levels.