• Date awarded: April 2019
  • Awarded value: £41,000
  • Fund: Staff General Fund
  • Location: Whyteman’s Brae, with more to follow
Pause Pod 1

The Pause Pod is designed for staff well-being, providing a comfortable, quiet and pleasant space to enjoy a mindful rest from work: to relax and listen to music and podcasts, or practice meditation, yoga, mindful movement or stretching exercises; to breathe deeply; to remember it's ok not to be ok and to be kind to yourself.

NHS Fife is committed to allowing staff the permission to take time out to look after themselves in order to give them the strength and capacity to look after their patients, colleagues and families.

The first Pause Pod for staff well-being opened at Whyteman's Brae Hospital summer 2020. A new Pause Pod in Playfield House at Stratheden Hospital will be ready soon.