• Date awarded: May 2021
  • Awarded value: £8,640
  • Fund: COVID-19 Donation
  • Location: Fife-wide

From time to time, we may experience stress or difficult situations at work and appreciate talking to someone. NHS Fife has trained a number of Peer Supporters from varying professional groups who are willing to listen in a confidential and supportive manner. Peer support is not counselling, mediation or therapy, rather a short term structured informal social support provided by trained colleagues who know what it is like to work in the NHS.

We all face difficult situations from time to time at work or at home that may cause significant distress and emotional impact, leading to a range of different reactions. It can be difficult to share this with our friends or family and may lead to a sense of isolation as we try to cope on our own. Evidence suggests that we may want to talk with an understanding colleague but often don’t know who to turn to. The Peer Supporters are here to offer help in these situations.

Peer support is a voluntary, confidential, supportive conversation with someone who knows about the responsibility, pressures and challenges that come with working in the NHS. Peer supporters are a diverse group of staff (e.g. domestics, porters, doctors, administration staff, nurses, physiotherapists etc) trained to listen in an empathic, non-judgmental manner that facilitates understanding of the response to difficult events and how we cope. Peer support is short term structured informal support that is not linked to line management, performance management, HR or disciplinary processes. No records or identifiable information are kept.

Peer Support is available to all staff in any role in NHS Fife